Monday, June 29, 2009

Chinese Woman Boils Man's Head to Cure Psychiatric Problem

A woman in Sichuan beheaded a 76 year old man, beheaded him, and boiled his head for soup to serve her daughter in order to cure her mental problems. The soup was served to her daughter with duck. MMMGood!

Read more HERE.

Ten Prison Survival Tips for Mr. Madoff

Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi King, was convicted and sentenced to 150 yrs in prison today. Here are a few tips I've gleaned to help him survive, since he will more than likely be going someplace ugly.

  1. Don't get involved with or become someone's 'Punk".
  2. Don't talk about your crime.
  3. Do not gamble.
  4. Don't collaborate with guards.
  5. Do not become indebted to anyone.
  6. Do not stare.
  7. Use no drugs.
  8. Work out.
  9. Keep your mouth shut.
  10. Be polite and respectful.

Follow these rules, and you may not have such a hard time. Who am I kidding, It's going to be ugly.

So Mikey is Dead...

Get over it already. If only he would have taken the rest of the Beatles with him, or maybe the Jonas Brothers.

Here is something Awsome to cheer us up while we are deluged with Mickey J tributes.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pirates and the Future of Entertainment

It seems that the software companies are finally getting a clue and developing business models that are not based on the old "pay for product" idea. The new economy and openness of the Internet has made this model impractical. Game companies, like Electronic Arts, are starting to see they can sell more to their customers if they let their games be freely distributed. This means they can sell lot's of other things with the software being the conduit. It is all designed to work off of a subscription basis, much like a magazine subscription. In the future, instead of going to the game store to buy the newest game, you will simply subscribe. The expansions and upgrades will be part of the package.

Now if the music industry would only learn...

See more on this HERE...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anything to bust up a dictatorship...

Follow this LINK to get software to set up a relay to help the revolution in Iran. They need people to help relay internet access to break the censorship hold of their Islamic Dictatorship. And you can do it all from home.

How Special!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here is Something That Bothers me...

Not that I would be considered an Atheist, but THIS story really bothers me. No one has a right to block someone from their belief. If they wish to block Atheist websites at work, it is only fair they block Xtian sites as well. One more little gem showing just how we are steered towards organized religion without a lot of choice.

Is Our Future Terraformed?

Sci-Fi fans have known about it for years, but the average person knows very little about what Terraforming means. Terraforming is an engineering process to make a planet or environment more Earth-like. In this era of climate change, could this be our future?

Scientists have developed a "synthetic tree" which captures carbon dioxide in the air 1000 times more efficiently than a natural tree. The gas is then compressed and stored as liquid carbon dioxide. It operates very similarly to a CO2 scrubber used to keep factory smokestacks clean, and looks sort of like a public lavatory.

The speculation is that large banks of them will be built to scrub our air clean, financed by a small surcharge on vehicle purchases. Here is the interesting part; they only cost as much as an average car! It seems it is not such a far fetched idea after-all. Imagine one on every street corner, or banks of them along smoggy highways.

See more about it HERE.

Monday, June 22, 2009

War is Declared on Indigenous Peoples in Peru

As part of a free trade agreement with the US, the native people of peru have lost the rights to their lands so oil companies can explore for more oil. It is basically a death sentence for these people. The country of Peru has altered it's constitution and drafted laws stripping away the rights of their idigenous population.

Much is said of climate change and environmentalism, but corporate sponsored genocide is just as much a part of this equation. There is a price to be paid in blood by the modern world's addiction to oil.

See more Here , and read about a recent massacre.

Contact the Peruvian Embassy at:
Address:1700 Massachusetts Ave., N.WWashington D.C. 20036
Telephone: (202) 833-9860 to 9869Fax: (202) 659-8124

The Tadpoles Still Fall...

It seems the strange rain of tadpoles in Japan is still making the news. The latest being in Hiroshima prefecture on June 15th.

See more HERE.

As if a rain of tadpoles is not strange enough, it seems a mummified snake may have also fallen during this veritable deluge of creepy crawlies.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 Accomplishments of Generation X

A few tidbits of notoriety and accomplishments belonging to my generation, Generation X…

  1. We were the first “Latchkey” kids. Kids who came home from school to no parents.
  2. We were the “Baby Bust” generation; when the birth-rate started to drop after the Boomers.
  3. Gen X was the first generation to sleep together before marriage, with no stigma.
  4. We were the first generation who grew up watching televised warfare.
  5. We were the first generation to as a whole not believe in “God”.
  6. Gen X is the 13th generation since the founding of the USA.
  7. The Gen X generation is less focused on money and more focused on enjoyment and living.
  8. We were the first children of mostly divorced parental unions.
  9. Gen X grew up with a large portion of “negative” type art and movies. For example the old “Devil Child” movies, such as Rosemary’s Baby.
  10. Gen X was the first generation to have a lesser standard of living than their parents.
  11. We were the first generation to grow up with the idea of “Mutually Assured Destruction”.
  12. Gen X was also the first children to grow up with the rise of the computer culture.
  13. We invented such niceties as Punk Rock and Grunge.

As a whole, Gen X has largely abandoned the previous conceptions of the generations before. They are typically under-employed, highly educated, cynical, and do not want to repeat the mistakes of previous generations. Having grown up in a very “selfish” period of history, they normally do not place money high on the quality of life scale. This also makes Gen X very unpredictable.

We have also come of age, and are now controlling members of our society.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fracking Earthquakes!

It seems a process called "Fracking" is suspected of causing a spate of earthquakes in the North Texas area. Fracking is a process used in gas well drilling, in which they inject a mixture of sludge and water into the gas holding shale to break up the rock and force the gas to the surface. Sounds environmentally friendly doesn't it? This region of Texas is known to be extremely geologically stable, and has not experienced any siesmic activity for literally hundreds of years. As of the recent economic downturn, gas drilling has been drastically ramped up in this area. The Fracking process is now suspected of destabilizing the region's supporting layer of shale.

This sounds an awful lot like the doom and gloom predictions from ten years ago concerning this process creating large cavernous regions with an explosive mix of leftover gas and chemicals, all waiting to explode and cause massive subsidence.

Who knows what the real cause is? It is very suspicious that these earthquakes are occuring shortly after a massive influx of new drilling. It is literally unheard of for this region to have earthquakes of any type. Twenty years ago, the Superconducting Supercollider was to be built here for this very reason; it's inherent geological stability.

You can read more about it here.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mysterious Tadpole Rain in Japan

On June 4th at 4:30 pm, residents of Nanao, Japan, went outside to discover small tadpoles had fallen with the rain. It happened again on June 6th in Hakusan, leaving residents baffled. A strange sound was reported in both cases prior to the fall of the tadpoles.

As a side note, another freak rain was recorded, this one occuring on June 9th. It dropped a load of small Crucian Carp in Nakanoto.

Pics are available here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not Sure What This is All about?

This card comes from the same people who talk about secession, blowing up federal buildings, and shooting people who believe different things than they do.

It seems the difference in Militia and Terrorist is very, very close. I guess being supportive of life means you have to kill everyone different than you.

Monday, June 8, 2009


This slightly disturbs to me, but not because of the baby-killing. It is disturbing because it seems to be a popular Google search, and one more reason organized religion should be illegal, as it is simply cultural terrorism.

Are Quantum Particles Conscious?

In the "Good Old Days", it was supposed that everything in this world was explainable by science and good old Newtonian Physics. Niels Bohr came along in the early 1900's and turned this view upside down with the creation of Quantum Physics.

The physics itself is not the issue. The issue arises from the observations made in the course of experimentation. It seems that once we progress down in scale to a sub-atomic level, "particles" start doing some strange things. They do strange things like perform random movements and jumps in sequence, sometimes at a vast distance scale. They also seem to change their behaviour when we observe them, usually performing whatever is expected of the observation. In short, they behave like they are aware of our thought patterns.

This is not "Hokey" as a great many physicists have devoted their careers to figuring this out. As yet, none have been sucessful. This is the core mystery of Quantum Physics, and why it is so Earth shattering to old school science. It threatens to up-end the very view of our world that is accepted by science and religion. The main implication being that the Universe is alive, and we are it. Having this being proven by science is akin to finding God.

You can read an interesting article about it here.