Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Our Future Terraformed?

Sci-Fi fans have known about it for years, but the average person knows very little about what Terraforming means. Terraforming is an engineering process to make a planet or environment more Earth-like. In this era of climate change, could this be our future?

Scientists have developed a "synthetic tree" which captures carbon dioxide in the air 1000 times more efficiently than a natural tree. The gas is then compressed and stored as liquid carbon dioxide. It operates very similarly to a CO2 scrubber used to keep factory smokestacks clean, and looks sort of like a public lavatory.

The speculation is that large banks of them will be built to scrub our air clean, financed by a small surcharge on vehicle purchases. Here is the interesting part; they only cost as much as an average car! It seems it is not such a far fetched idea after-all. Imagine one on every street corner, or banks of them along smoggy highways.

See more about it HERE.

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