Monday, June 8, 2009

Are Quantum Particles Conscious?

In the "Good Old Days", it was supposed that everything in this world was explainable by science and good old Newtonian Physics. Niels Bohr came along in the early 1900's and turned this view upside down with the creation of Quantum Physics.

The physics itself is not the issue. The issue arises from the observations made in the course of experimentation. It seems that once we progress down in scale to a sub-atomic level, "particles" start doing some strange things. They do strange things like perform random movements and jumps in sequence, sometimes at a vast distance scale. They also seem to change their behaviour when we observe them, usually performing whatever is expected of the observation. In short, they behave like they are aware of our thought patterns.

This is not "Hokey" as a great many physicists have devoted their careers to figuring this out. As yet, none have been sucessful. This is the core mystery of Quantum Physics, and why it is so Earth shattering to old school science. It threatens to up-end the very view of our world that is accepted by science and religion. The main implication being that the Universe is alive, and we are it. Having this being proven by science is akin to finding God.

You can read an interesting article about it here.

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