Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Supersition and the New Ignorance

I just recently returned from one of my "eye opening" trips, this time celebrating Zombie Jesus Day (Easter) with family. As usual, several things that bothered me came to mind during this trip, spurred on by issues arising with those I have been dealing with for the last few days. I know the world is slowly changing, but it seems change comes awfully slow in certain regions. In these regions people cling to their ignorance with a very religious zeal, even though that sort of thing was actually frowned upon in most Christian texts. North Texas is one of those places. Here, for many people, science means nothing and large segments of the population actually believe we humans co-existed with dinosaurs. They also believe the world is only a few thousand years old, even though actual scientific analysis shows it is far older than we ever thought. Don't even mention Charles Darwin! You might just get run out of town.

These same people give me a load of crap over my beliefs, seeing it as a sort of cross between hippie nonsense and complete Satanic malarkey, neither of which being the case. They shrug off suggestions and opinions given by me as being naive, simple, or even worse superstitious. Really? This coming from people who think that humans walked with dinosaurs with no scientific evidence to prove it. I don't offer any views or opinions that run contradictory to the various known sciences of physics, psychology, and biology. Maybe my interpretation is a bit different, but the basis is still there. I surely would not base my views upon something as vague as "faith" especially when it is a faith given to you by someone else who may not have the best intentions in mind. Surely blind acceptance of a set of beliefs passed down by tyrants (which aren't even religiously accurate) is nothing short of true superstition.

This new ignorance and superstition is highly troubling. What will we do in 30 years as a nation, when we have a large adult population that literally does know anything about the way the world truly operates? What will we do when all they know about history is a distortion of what truly took place? If a scientific principle goes against this superstitious belief, it is simply ignored or worse, discredited. This does not bode well for our future. People like this cannot compete in a world based upon reasoning and true science. On a quantum level, our Empirical World may not be what it seems, but at the Newtonian Level, science is highly accurate. Discredit it and we imperil our very existence.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are done for...

Apperantly the Japanese have been developing humanity's replacement in secret. They are now teaching it how to be human. They expect it to have the reasoning capability of a small child in a few years. Pretty scary. I hope the batteries run out before it learns enough to be an adult. An even scarier thought... What if the learning can be transfered to the next artificial robot brain. You could concievably go through unbroken generations of learning, eventually becoming far smarter than humans.

At any rate, I welcome our new robot overlords.