Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Forgotten Cure for Cancer?

The quest for a Cancer cure appears to be never-ending. Sometimes, it almost appears that the profit driven drug market does not really want a cure. For instance, take the case of Dichloroacetic Acid. This is a drug that was developed to fight Lactic Intolerance in children, but did not fare well with the kids it was intended for. It proved too toxic for the medical benefits obtained.

The very properties that kept it from being used to treat Lactic Intolerance, appears to give it some darn good Cancer fighting qualities. Cancer cells, being mutations, do not derive their cellular power from respiration. These cells derive their energy to stay alive from a process of glycolysis, or the synthesis of simple sugars, due to the hypoxia related to being a tumorous mass. Normal cells have a self destruct mechanism that will kill them off if they become damaged, but Cancer cells do not have this. As a result, they keep growing unchecked, eventually consuming the host body.

Dichloroacetic acid has been shown to restored this self-destruct function to Cancer cells. This has not been scientifically tested on humans, but has been verified through animal testing. It appears to show great promise. However, there is one problem...

Dichloroacetic acid is a non-patentable compound, making it less-profitable for a drug company to produce. Herein lies the issue; To this date, all testing of this drug has recieved ZERO support from the drug industry. All testing has been done by physicians who have used donated funding. The drug manufactures seeming quite content, are letting this possible cure slip out of grasp.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Russia Announces Mission to Deflect Earth Killer Asteroid

In a surprise announcement, the Russian Space Agency says it is sending a mission to the asteroid named Apophis, which is suspected to be on a collision course for Earth. This asteroid measures over 1000 feet in diameter, and is on a path which will carry it very close to Earth in the year 2029. It is expected to get a gravitational push, which will place it on a collison course for the Earth in 2036. If it strikes Earth, it will likely kill hundreds of thousands and devastate an entire region of the planet.

The US Space Agency, NASA, has downplayed the risk this asteroid poses in the last few years. The Russians, however, are intent on making sure no risk of striking the Earth remains. They feel it is better to spend the money now and develop a system to defend against threatening space objects, than to wait until a devastating planet strike occurs.

Read more hear on PhysOrg...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Rosemary Ainslee and Her Dark Energy Circuit

Dark Energy is making news again. This time it is from South African inventor Rosemary Ainslee. Mrs. Ainslee has invented an electrical circuit that produces more power than it takes to run it.

Claims of this nature are nothing new, and indeed, the science world has yet to take it seriously, but this time it appears to be different. It has been reproduced in a laboratory setting several times now, and none of her theories or suppositions have been discredited in any way. The only glitch being a paper she turned in to the I.E.E.E. who would not accept it for a technical error concerning a part she used.

This is very different than the standard fringe science/free energy inventions as made in the past. Mrs. Ainslee claims the device uses oscillations in a certain type of electrical component (a MOSFET, I believe) to generate the extra energy. I don't understand it totally, but it seems like she makes it overdrive itself into a self generating state in a manner it was not designed to do. The manufactures, of course, have no idea that it could be used in this way.

Following in the footsteps of the great Nikola Tesla, Mrs. Ainslee believes that by doing this, she can tap into the fundamental dark energy that lies within the particles that make up all matter.

Here is a more in detail article...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Help Phoenix Marie

Help this poor girl. Through no fault of her own, our medical system is failing her, and she cannot keep up. Phoenix Marie was a very well known figure and artist in the early Goth scene.

The Face of Evil...

Not that I am evil in the normal sense, but here is a picture of me and my main ride, for those who are curious. I guess I can now prove I am a real person.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Steve Kaplan and the Vampire Research Center

Since such romantic pablum as Twilight is so popular right now, I figure it is time for a commentary on REAL vampires...

Modern Society tells us that Vampires are mythical fiction, the stuff of Dracula tales and obscure Slavic superstition. His research unknown to most of the world, Dr. Steve Kaplan has been researching whether these legends are true since 1972. He founded the Vampire Research Center in that year, travelled the world interviewing suspected vampires, and investigated vampiric activity.

He has investigated and interviewed literally thousands of people, and has identified 650 persons who he considers to be REAL vampires in North America, and shed light on a strange medical affliction called Porphyria. This affliction causes a physical need to ingest human blood. Based on his 20+ years of research, he believes the Vampire myth is based partly in fact.

Over the course of the years, Dr. Kaplan has identified several social groups claiming to be vampires, and a few who do not claim it, but still fit the description. He says the overwhelming majority of persons who claim vampirism are simply people drawn to the heavily gothic, romanticised image of the vampire. These folks are what he considers to be vampire "wannabees". These folks usually dress like a stereotypical vampire, and more or less play the part. For them, it is the fetish of taking on the image of the seductive undead which is most appealing.

The next step up is what he calls the "Yuppie" vampires. These are people who trade sexual favors for blood. They have a literal need for blood. They have been documented doing such things as drinking the blood drained from meat cartons at the supermarket. Most have a compulsion, and harbor feelings of guilt and shame for what they do.

Dr. Kaplan says he has found out of the many people who physically drink blood, a small number have a physical need to consume blood in addition to their regular diet. He calls these people Conservative Vampires, because they dress inconspicusouly and look average. They hide their vampirism, and feel irritable, depressed, weak, or aggressive if they do not get enough blood in their diet. This is the mark of Porphyria.

The third and final group he describes are the Blood Killers. People who act on their impulses and seek out victims to kill and drain of their blood. He has worked with Police organizations and interviewed killers responsible for these acts. It can be dangerous work. He was almost been killed on several occasions performing his investigations. As a result, he changed his interview methods where he never met anyone face to face.

Dr. Steve Kaplan died in June of 1995.

Here is his Wikipedia entry...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Final Death of Punk Rock

I am an old guy, let me get that out of the way.

I was around for, and part of what has now become the earlier years of Punk Rock. I still sort of keep up with what passes for Punk these days, but what passes for it is not always what it really is. There are some great, truly underground bands out there, but by and large, Punk has become another marketing term. It has been reduced to a catch phrase to hang on the Jonas Brothers, or to silk screen on Mrs. Montana's shirt.

In the early 90's, Grunge brought a breath of fresh air into the Punk/Hardcore scene, but it too was doomed to die. This was a great period in music history, however by the latter part of the decade, it was clear that music was becoming a vast desert of identical sounding musicians driven by corporate marketing. Most of the real "punks" drifted off into things like Rockabilly and swing, which many have always considered to be closer to their roots anyway, or just dropped out.

These days, myself, and others like me are well into our middle age. The subcultural impulse remains to be part of a group, and many have transitioned into things like Hot Rod culture, and other pseudo-grown up endeavors. There are still some vestiges of true underground left, but most of this is related to the Rockabilly, Darkwave or Gothic/Industrial subculture, which most of the youth don't seem to care for as a whole. It seems like only the old farts and more Avant Garde are interested in it. The old Punk network is dead for all intent and purposes. In the old days, It was possible to go to ANY city, and find a place to crash with the local punks. Not so any longer. They are just as likely to be looking for a place to crash themselves, if you can find them.

In the beginning, we were what we were because we simply were not like everyone else. It did not matter what you wore, because you were just "different" fundamentally. The best analogy is to compare the Hell's Angels to the current crop of chopper wannabes. Growing up, I knew people who were literally so different from regular people they had no category for them. The catch all category was "punk". The world had literally never seen anything like us. We had no support, and did it all by ourselves.

In the early 21st century, we are finding ourselves in the midst of a youth culture that does not seem to care about the things that got us so steamed up back in the early days. Normally, you have to pass the torch in a relay, but in this case, the torch appears to have been dropped. When a 'tween star like Avril Lavigne can pass for a punk, there really is no purpose any longer. For the price of short drive and some green from Mom, you can go to the nearest "punk rock" retail store and buy whatever you need to fit in. I find it both disturbing and slightly entertaining that they still market this word "Punk" in the 21st century.

Gone are the days of the Punk Squat, the deparavity and taboo busting. The breaking of rules for the sheer joy of rule breaking. Style seems to have won over substance.

Alas, it seems my generation is destined to go the way of the Hippy.

I found an interesting article about this and the development of retail "punk" stores like Hot Topic. These stores have helped accelerate the demise of this culture, unbeknown to many who patronize them.

You can read it here...

I am done griping like an old man. You can move along now...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Electrical Power from Quantum Dark Energy

This company, Blacklight Power, claims they have discovered a method to harness electrical power from supposed universal "Dark Energy". They claim they have discovered new particles called Hydrinos, and a way to extract electricity from the stored quantum energy of low energy hydrogen. This, naturally, has been disputed by the rest of the science world. But the fact remains, they are still in existence, and have gained energy contracts to supply the power grid using their methods.

Only time will tell whether they are legit or not. Their Board of Directors does include several prominent scientists and a past director for the Dept. of Energy.

Maybe they are on to something?

Inventor Discovers Telepathy Link in Lab...

This just in from Skeptico...

Dr. Micheal Persinger, a researcher from Laurentian University in Canada, has demonstrated telepathy under controlled laboratory conditions. Mr. Persinger, the inventor of the so called "god helmet", has shown that the brain can be stimulated with a magnetic field, and information can be passed in this manner. He set up two test subjects under identical magnetic stimulation fields, in remote locations. They then flashed a light in one subjects eyes, and measured a direct response from the remote test subject showing that it affected him without him actually being present.

Though he doubts the scientific community will recognize his efforts, he believes this proves the theory of Quantum Entanglements and other atomic conundrums such as Action at a Distance. He believes the scientific world is notoriously narrowminded when it comes to ideas which break the boundaries of what is currently accepted.

You can see more about it here... (including an interview and podcast!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Economics of Disaster Capitalism

A new economic theory is making it's rounds in some circles. It is based on the observation that the capitalist foundation of our system has learned to profit from disaster and strife. Not only have corporate interests learned to profit by selling things, it is said they also use the "Shock and Awe" period after disasters, catastrophes, and wars to push through unpopular laws and legislation that puts their interests ahead of the populations of those areas affected. Examples of which, as has happened in many South American countries, are complete deregulation of the economic system so that the existing system lay in ruins and they hold all the money-making cards. The public is left in the poorhouse, with a huge gap between rich and poor, and no social services to speak of. Sound familiar?

The Communist dictator Stalin (not really anyone we should listen to, mind you) seems to have been a very astute observer in this case. He once remarked about this when discussing Capitalism during the war years, though no one really understood what he meant, at least until now.

He said "The development of world capitalism does not follow a steady and even course forward, but proceeds through crisis and catastrophes."

Ten years ago, this would not have been given much thought. After having been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly this long, with no seeming end in sight, these theories are being looked at much harder.

Writer Naomi Klein has a book out about it, called interestingly enough, The Shock Doctrine.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Witch Hunter Sues for Damages

And now, more news from the Witch Hunts...

The Center for Inquiry, an organization which is trying to stop the With Hunt craze that has enveloped Western Africa, is being sued for $1.3 billion by Nigeria's most notorious witch hunter. The Witch Hunter claims CFI is infringing on their constitutional right to do such things as burn children.

The situation over there is truly desperate. This just highlights how bad it really is, when the population stands behind truly hideous things in the name of morality, and can sue to continue to legally commit atrocities against helpless children.

Read more here...

Excerpts from the War on Christmas...

As if things can't get any stranger, a Redding, CA woman wants to force schoolchildren to sing Christmas caroles. Funny how people who claim to be for freedom seem to enjoy forcing their will upon others.

See more here...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Slavery or Suicide?

It seems a large percentage of low wage migrant female maids have been noted as having committed suicide in the Middle East. Most of these "suicides" were by hanging or falling off a building. This story has striking parallels to the deaths of other workers in other regions of the world, such as the bodies that regularly wash up on the shores of Thailand, which are suspected to be from the shrimping industry.

The rise of Globalism has created a vast network of cheap labor (eg, Slavery), where the people who get caught up in the industry get paid a very small pittance, but cannot escape or fight back in any way. Those who do end up dead.

A blog about the deaths of these particular women has been set-up here...

Strange Goings on at the Large Hadron Collider

The newest and largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, was created to search for the Higgs-Boson particle. This particle is the last particle predicted by our current understanding of particle physics that has not been directly observed, and is believed responsible for such things as giving "mass" to other objects, and holding the universe together like "glue". It has been named the "God Particle" by the press.

Well, it seems the "God Particle" does not want to be found. Several physicists have half joking made the claim that it appears the Large Hadron Collider is being sabotaged from the future. A series of unusual accidents or unfortunate events has brought every particle accelorator ever built to study the Higgs-Boson to a screeching halt. They say it is almost like waves from the future rippling back and snuffing out the attempts to find this particle.

By the way, did I say the search for this particle in itself is highly controversial, and the possible results from finding this particle include such niceties as the total destruction of the Earth...

Maybe the "God Particle" knows what will happen when they find it and is trying to save us?

Here is an informative article about it from the mainstream media.

Yet More Electric Nonsense?

Here is a page I found by a physicist who offers a counter view to the Electric Universe theory. All food for thought. Some problems found in the accepted view of things and the Electric Universe are outlined very well. I suspect the real answer lies in the middle someplace, between the opposing viewpoints.

Read about it here.

Here is another page with some interesting info, though not all is about the Electric Universe Theory.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Mysterious Talking Board

We all know about the boards marketed by various gaming companies, claiming to be useful for contacting the spirits. The most famous of which, being the always controversial Ouija board.

Boards for this purpose have been around in one form or another for a very long time, going way back to Ancient Greece. The board as we know it today, was patented by a guy named Fuld, back in the latter 19th century. It was a refinement of several different contraptions used by mediums during the height of the Spiritualist movement, when Seances were all the vogue. He actually ripped it off from another manufacturer, who was too short-sighted to get a patent.

At any rate, these boards have remained popular throughout the years, and they are still commonly available. Whether they work for you or not, they are a part of our pop culture history. Some are veritable works of art.

You can see more about them, including a wonderful gallery of board images, at
The Talking Board Museum.