Saturday, December 19, 2009

Inventor Discovers Telepathy Link in Lab...

This just in from Skeptico...

Dr. Micheal Persinger, a researcher from Laurentian University in Canada, has demonstrated telepathy under controlled laboratory conditions. Mr. Persinger, the inventor of the so called "god helmet", has shown that the brain can be stimulated with a magnetic field, and information can be passed in this manner. He set up two test subjects under identical magnetic stimulation fields, in remote locations. They then flashed a light in one subjects eyes, and measured a direct response from the remote test subject showing that it affected him without him actually being present.

Though he doubts the scientific community will recognize his efforts, he believes this proves the theory of Quantum Entanglements and other atomic conundrums such as Action at a Distance. He believes the scientific world is notoriously narrowminded when it comes to ideas which break the boundaries of what is currently accepted.

You can see more about it here... (including an interview and podcast!)

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