Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Forgotten Cure for Cancer?

The quest for a Cancer cure appears to be never-ending. Sometimes, it almost appears that the profit driven drug market does not really want a cure. For instance, take the case of Dichloroacetic Acid. This is a drug that was developed to fight Lactic Intolerance in children, but did not fare well with the kids it was intended for. It proved too toxic for the medical benefits obtained.

The very properties that kept it from being used to treat Lactic Intolerance, appears to give it some darn good Cancer fighting qualities. Cancer cells, being mutations, do not derive their cellular power from respiration. These cells derive their energy to stay alive from a process of glycolysis, or the synthesis of simple sugars, due to the hypoxia related to being a tumorous mass. Normal cells have a self destruct mechanism that will kill them off if they become damaged, but Cancer cells do not have this. As a result, they keep growing unchecked, eventually consuming the host body.

Dichloroacetic acid has been shown to restored this self-destruct function to Cancer cells. This has not been scientifically tested on humans, but has been verified through animal testing. It appears to show great promise. However, there is one problem...

Dichloroacetic acid is a non-patentable compound, making it less-profitable for a drug company to produce. Herein lies the issue; To this date, all testing of this drug has recieved ZERO support from the drug industry. All testing has been done by physicians who have used donated funding. The drug manufactures seeming quite content, are letting this possible cure slip out of grasp.

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CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Interesting..and I'm sure true. We might be horrified at all of the cure possibilities there are..but, alas...the drug and medical industries don't want to share that which they cannot make a handsome profit from.