Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Russia Announces Mission to Deflect Earth Killer Asteroid

In a surprise announcement, the Russian Space Agency says it is sending a mission to the asteroid named Apophis, which is suspected to be on a collision course for Earth. This asteroid measures over 1000 feet in diameter, and is on a path which will carry it very close to Earth in the year 2029. It is expected to get a gravitational push, which will place it on a collison course for the Earth in 2036. If it strikes Earth, it will likely kill hundreds of thousands and devastate an entire region of the planet.

The US Space Agency, NASA, has downplayed the risk this asteroid poses in the last few years. The Russians, however, are intent on making sure no risk of striking the Earth remains. They feel it is better to spend the money now and develop a system to defend against threatening space objects, than to wait until a devastating planet strike occurs.

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