Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ten Creepiest Robots from Hell

Here is a link to ten of the creepiest REAL robots ever made.

Creepy Robots from Hell

Laser Pulse from Space Boggles SETI

Several years ago, it was determined that SETI should expand its monitoring for alien signals to technology other than radio waves. Even on Earth, radio has become a very old and almost obsolecent form of communication. One of the possible new methods discussed was the transmission of Laser burst communications. A lab was established with astrophysicist Ragbir Bhathal placed in charge. His lab, armed with monitoring equipment, slowly prowls the heavens in search of regular pulses of laser light. These pulses could be a key indicator of laser burst communications being used by another civilization. This type of communication is nothing new, having been used on Earth for at least twenty years now. It only makes sense that a civilization as advanced as ours would do the same.

A few months ago, he found something. A regularly occuring pulse of laser light. Mr. Bhathal is cautious to claim it is of extraterrestrial origin, but so far it cannot be ruled out. Nor has a natural origin been ascribed to it. At this point, it remains an anomaly, and he is scanning this region for a repeat of the laser burst event.

On August 15th, 1977 a similar event occured involving radio waves. The now famous "Wow!" Signal was picked up using narrowband radio by Dr. Jerry Ehman. At least 50 separate searches were conducted for the signal, but nothing was ever heard from it again. It was never determined what the origin of the signal was, but it was not ascribed to be a natural signal. All of this is very similar to the current happenings with Mr. Bhathal's laser event.

If this plays out in the right way, it could change our world.

Bonnie and Clyde Day

Seeing as I am originally from the place these two came from. I thought it appropriate to mention that 75 years ago today, at 915 a.m. they died on the road outside of Gibsland, Louisiana. Their past finally catching up with them in a hail of police bullets.

Other than the dated clothes and car, Bonnie doesn't look to much different than the youth of today. This pair, as murderous as they were, became one the first underground Pop icons in American history.

Note: I must be stuck in a time warp. Today is Saturday, the 23rd of May. Not sure how the date got messed up when I posted.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Japanese Touch?

What is wrong with the American film industry? My short answer is that they aren't from Japan. It seems most of the big name movies and blockbusters, with few exceptions, typically come from remakes of various Japanese or Asian movies. They did it with The Seven Samurai. They did it with The Ring. and they did it with just about every Tarantino movie ever filmed.

It seems there is nary an original idea to come from the American movie world. Sadly, the Golden Days of American movies seems to have ended back in the late '70's. Sure, there are good American movies, but the best of them always seem to be a remake of some obscure Japanese flick.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good American movie. It just seems most Japanese films (especially of the action/horror genre) are a bit more fun and concerned less about offending someone, or explaining the plot like the audience is dumb. I chalk it up to the difference in culture between Asia and the Western world. Some things we have to explain away are taken for granted by their public. Their artists typically have more artistic license and freedom compared to the equivalent American artist. Too much money at stake here for artistic expression in many cases.

For what it is worth, I am a HUGE fan of Japanese movies. I especially like the old Samurai flicks; of which most of our Westerns are remakes. The analogy between The Magnificent Seven, and the Seven Samurai is pretty well known, but there are many, many others. Japanese horror, and to a lesser extent Chinese, is the hottest thing going right now in the horror genre. Films like the Ring, Ju-On, and Dark Water are just about the creepiest flicks you will find. Most American films of this type are mired down in gore, or waste the plot by trying to explain everything.

Not sure where I am going with this, but just go out and rent a Jap movie. Steal it if you must.

In the immortal words of Emporer Palpatine - "Do it now!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Now if We Could Only get Along...

I found an interesting link to something I talk about a lot, probably too much, but I find it highly interesting.

Solar Mythology.

This is mankind's true religion. This is the religion ALL humans partake of. It is made up of the little fishbowl sects with names like Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

Unknown to most "normal" humans (who cannot see the bigger picture), all of mankind's religions are based on Astrology and the movements of the sun. This is something that was developed way back in the hunter-gatherer days as a means to ensure the survival of our race. A way to organize the primordial chaos which ruled man's early world. Important facts about the seasons, hunting, planting, and harvest times were rolled into mythic ritual and allegory and passed down through the generations to ensure their survival and prosperity. It was basically "cave-man science", or the nearest equivalent they could come up with.

As society advanced, it gradually took on organization, and was shaped into a myriad of different deities depending upon the culture at hand. These religions rose and fell, each copying the structure of the last and changing the cultural setting of the heroes and deities. The old deities becoming the devils of the new. The ruling classes learned they could control and pacify their populations with threats of eternal torment, and societal controls were then worked into the mix.

All of these religions retained the same core elements (things like the holy trinity, calendar and holidays, etc) with the difference being largely cultural. This is why we have all the major holidays occurring within three days of events such as the various Solstices' or equinoxes almost universally. It is also why we have similar stories, such as "the Great Deluge" and the resurrecting saviour being found in cultures as widely separated as the ancient Sumerians and the Native Americans who could not have possibly had direct contact. Religions such as Islam were later offshoots and founded after this syncretism occurred, but there are still broken elements of it to be found.

Alas, all this has been forgotten by most of mankind. They are too busy fighting and arguing that their version is the only true religion, though they are really all brothers under the same Sun. The original reason for the religion has been lost, and it has been replaced with basically empty dogma, in many cases. There are lots of fervent believers, but most really do not truly comprehend anything about what it is all about, or how mind-shatteringly large and old it really is. They can see lots of little trees, but are missing the giant forest that the trees comprise. It is sad really, because what was intended to help man live a better life, now entraps him in a constant cycle of war and deprivation.

Anyway, here are some of the better links about it...
Solar Mythology and the Bible

Story of Jesus is the Story of the Sun Passing Through the Zodiac

Here is a really good E-Book on the subject by JH Hill. (it was written in 1890, so it is a little dated, but mostly accurate) I have a PDF of this from a scanned copy. Email if you want a copy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are in Trouble...

I actually had a conversation with my pre-school son about "Jesus' Big Wiener" today. This is what happens when you send a heathen child to a Methodist Pre-School. I wonder just what he tells them when he is there.

(There are no other pre-schools in my area, and it seemed fitting in a twisted sort of way.)

Nope, not a shred of innocence left in this child.