Monday, June 29, 2009

Ten Prison Survival Tips for Mr. Madoff

Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi King, was convicted and sentenced to 150 yrs in prison today. Here are a few tips I've gleaned to help him survive, since he will more than likely be going someplace ugly.

  1. Don't get involved with or become someone's 'Punk".
  2. Don't talk about your crime.
  3. Do not gamble.
  4. Don't collaborate with guards.
  5. Do not become indebted to anyone.
  6. Do not stare.
  7. Use no drugs.
  8. Work out.
  9. Keep your mouth shut.
  10. Be polite and respectful.

Follow these rules, and you may not have such a hard time. Who am I kidding, It's going to be ugly.

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