Thursday, June 18, 2009

13 Accomplishments of Generation X

A few tidbits of notoriety and accomplishments belonging to my generation, Generation X…

  1. We were the first “Latchkey” kids. Kids who came home from school to no parents.
  2. We were the “Baby Bust” generation; when the birth-rate started to drop after the Boomers.
  3. Gen X was the first generation to sleep together before marriage, with no stigma.
  4. We were the first generation who grew up watching televised warfare.
  5. We were the first generation to as a whole not believe in “God”.
  6. Gen X is the 13th generation since the founding of the USA.
  7. The Gen X generation is less focused on money and more focused on enjoyment and living.
  8. We were the first children of mostly divorced parental unions.
  9. Gen X grew up with a large portion of “negative” type art and movies. For example the old “Devil Child” movies, such as Rosemary’s Baby.
  10. Gen X was the first generation to have a lesser standard of living than their parents.
  11. We were the first generation to grow up with the idea of “Mutually Assured Destruction”.
  12. Gen X was also the first children to grow up with the rise of the computer culture.
  13. We invented such niceties as Punk Rock and Grunge.

As a whole, Gen X has largely abandoned the previous conceptions of the generations before. They are typically under-employed, highly educated, cynical, and do not want to repeat the mistakes of previous generations. Having grown up in a very “selfish” period of history, they normally do not place money high on the quality of life scale. This also makes Gen X very unpredictable.

We have also come of age, and are now controlling members of our society.


GenXpert said...

You forgot a few:

1) we were the generation that founded Google.

2) we were the generation that founded Amazon.

3)Just because we don't have a parade every time an Xer does something great, doesn't mean ours is not the most results-driven generation existing today.

Read "X Saves The World" by Jeff Gordinier. It will change your life.

EGWBT Inc. said...

Very Cool, I am actually quite proud to be a Gen X survivor. A lot of us did not make it.