Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ten Worst Evolutionary Designs

I thought this was interesting, so here is a summary...

  1. Blowholes - Why not gills?
  2. Hyena Clitoris - It gets so hard and big it sometimes kills the babies during birth.
  3. Kangaroo Teats - Yeah, let's crawl across the body from birth to get to this.
  4. Giraffe Birth Canal - 5 feet up. Really?
  5. Bird eating Spider Exoskeleton - A very fragile skeleton for a spider who cannot spin web.
  6. Shark Fetus Teeth - Babies with teeth in the womb is just a bad idea.
  7. Human Stomach - Why can't we digest plant matter?
  8. Slug Genitals - Genitals that get stuck together and sometimes have to be chewed off!
  9. Quadrupeds - Makes scratching your back very hard to do.
  10. Narwhal Tusk - Indeed. A 9 foot useless tooth?

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