Monday, August 3, 2009

Soylent Moo?

With the global rise in population and the possibilities of food shortages, we are starting to see some interesting tidbits from the bioengineering world. Interesting is probably not the word, scary is probably better. A research group recently announced that artificially grown beef will be readily available within ten years. This beef will be grown from cloned cells, in a vat. Yum! Growing this meat has meat has already been accomplished, it is just a matter of economics to bring the costs down to a marketable level.

We are already consuming cloned cattle. Is just another step in the process of removing mankind from the natural world, or will it provide a benefit for bleak future where food is scarce?

You can find out more about this mystery meat here...

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Stella Blake said...

This appeals to the gamer/philosopher/ sarcastic bag within me LOL
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