Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Bad News About Genetically Altered Food...

It seems the government has decided to approved a closer geographical separation between Genetically Engineered crops and regular crops. This could be bad because it will allow cross-pollination between crops, spreading GE traits into regular style non-GE food crops.

It is estimated that nearly 75% of the crops grown in the US are Genetically Altered in some manner. For example, the corn now grown in most regions has been altered to contain a toxin that kills certain insects, so it has it's own insecticide. In the process, most of the micro-nutrients have been removed making it a less capable food source. If this were to get out and breed with the older heritage strains of corn, the effects would be disastrous. The old breed would quickly become the newer breed or worse, something totally un-researched by science.

This also occurs with animals; the Cornish Rock chicken is a prime example. They have been modified to gain weight so fast they only have a reasonable life span of about 12 weeks before they get congestive heart failure and start to die. They are a commercial product. It is nearly impossible to raise one of them to grow and have a normal chicken life. I know, for I keep a flock of chickens and am well acquainted with this monstrous breed (I will have nothing to do with them.) Nor do they possess survival instincts or even instincts of any kind really. They are simply foul tempered eating machines. Breeding them with other chickens simply passes horrible problems to the heritage breed.

At any rate, here is the link to the news about the government altering the rules for Monsanto and their GE crops...

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