Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Secret Bible Code on US Military Weapons?

A company which supplies rifle sights to the US Military has been found to be coding secret Bible verses onto soldiers weapons. These rifle sights, used in Iraq and Afghanistan, have bible verse references coded into the stamped serial number. By following these references, it leads back to specific verses from Revelations, and other books of the bible.

Anything that could be construed as proselytizing or favoring any religion by the US military in a war zone is against military rules. This is intended to prevent religious overtones in their operations and eleminate the appearance of being "crusaders" for any religion, thus removing fuel for implications of religious warfare.

The company, founded by a devout Christian, denies any wrong-doing.

What I want to know is this... Why would a devout Christian found a company which supplies articles for weapons of war?

Here is a story on ABC news concerning this topic...

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