Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Halton Arp and the Anomalous Quasars

Do galaxies bud into Quasars? Astronomer Halton Arp thinks they do. This flies in the face of accepted physics, which states that quasars are very distant objects from the known galaxies. Mr. Arp has published years of observational records which seem to indicate quasars are aligned with nearby spiral galaxies and seem to be interacting with them. Specifically, they seem to be ejected from them. Without going off the deep end in technical jargon, this is completely against the accepted laws of physics. The image of NGC 4139 above shows a quasar connected by a bridge to a larger galaxy, seemingly at odds with physics.

This is also something I have experience in. I take images of deep space objects, sort of a hobby of mine. A few years back, I took an image of a nearby galaxy, NGC-7331. Several collegues pointed out that I had captured an image of a bridge of material linking this large galaxy to one of the smaller satellite galaxies. These two galaxies are not known to have any connections recognized by science. The smaller galaxy having long been considered an outsider, and not a part of the group I imaged.
This anomaly remains a mystery which is not accepted by mainstream physics.

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