Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cruise Ship Docks with Whale Stuck to it...

Early Saturday morning, a cruise ship docked in the Port of Vancouver, CA. It was not an ordinary cruise ship mind you, but a super special one that comes with a dead whale stuck to the front. Two for the price of one, eh?

It is really not uncommon for a ship to strike a whale. It is just fairly unknown to the seagoing public. I can say this, for I have been to sea myself, and have seen it quite a bit. The whale in question was a rare Fin Whale. It is believed to have been struck in Alaskan waters. These ships have a bulbous "wave buster" that rides on the bow just below the water line. It can be very hard for a slow moving sea animal like a whale to escape from this bulbous monstrosity coming at them at 35 knots (a knot being 1 1/4 mile per hour). It is a lot like being run down on the freeway.

Read more about it at BBC...

Image courtesy of BBC.

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