Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Turn With Sara

Now that I have posted an article about Mrs. Palin written by another author; I will say my schtic on her. This coming from a person who actually lived in Alaska for many years, and truly knows what separates the Alaskan political world from that which we live in.

First, Why did Mr. McCain pick her? Is is because she is young? Or maybe because she has given the impression she is out to shake up the Republican party? Maybe it is just because she is a "hot" woman (come on and say it Mr. McCain)? I think he picked her because he thought he could win over droves of women with this selection. By doing so, I think he will drive them away.

Let me explain this for a moment...

Your average Hillary voter is not voting for her simply because she is female. The Hillary voters as a whole are a very idealistic crowd, loaded with feminists and empowered women. Any republican woman will not be seen in the same light, as the ideals do not match up. In a sense, Mr. McCain is saying I am giving you a woman, vote for her; It does not matter what she stands for because you women are all the same anyway.

I would be insulted by this if I were female. All women are definitely not the same.

Now, on to topic 2...

Alaska politics; Alaska is a world of it's own. Being a politician up there has less in common with being one down here than you would think. Alaska is a state with a total population of less than most medium sized cities. The constituency up there does not make any undue demands on their politician's either. The average Alaskan does not really expect anything from their government, at least not on the same level as the rest of the US. The government in Alaska seems more to be a go between for various corporate interests interested in making a profit, than a truly dedicated government serving the people. That being said, the state does function very well, providing a limited set of basics for all citizens, at least it did ten years ago before the current budget slashers were there. Being a politician, even governor, of Alaska does not expose you to the demands from the political world as it exists now for most states, where most medium sized cities exceed the population of the entire state of AK, and demands from the public MUST be met.

It is the difference in being mayor of Wasilla, AK, and mayor of New York, NY.

I think that Mrs. Palin is a great person on her own, but I believe she has doomed Mr. McCain's election by making him seem too unpredictable, and hypocritical.

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