Friday, August 15, 2008

It is now Easier to be Fat than Healthy!

As a sad statement for our society, and the ongoing decline of mankind, it is now far easier to be fat, than to maintain a healthy weight and diet. Healthy, natural food now costs more than than cheap garbage foods. It is easier to buy vast quantities of mass marketed foods, such as corn chips, sodas, and fatty lunch-able kits, than it is to buy food that is actually made from natural, healthy ingredients. I challenge you to go to the store and read what is really in the food and it's price you buy before you put it in the cart. You will see what I mean. The deck is stacked against you if you want to be healthy and natural. For what you pay for a few truly healthy items, you can literally purchase a shopping cart-load of fatty, salty, sugary garbage.

The modern food supply is poisoned. Almost everything that is marketed as being healthy is typically not, as evidenced by the inordinate amount of salt or chemical fillers put in it to make it taste like junk food. Even regular canned food is not exempt. Many of these supposed innocuous items harbor more than a full days supply of salt in as little as two servings. Not to sound like a conspiracy nut, but this whole dilemma seems strange to me. What could society hope to gain by knowingly selling items that are bad for the public. The food supply is literally making people sick, as evidence by the massive obesity, and heart problems faced by the general American public. Could or society be so twisted that it is willing to keep a portion of itself sick or unhealthy in order to sell vast quantities? Is the health care industry complicit in this so that business is maintained. How many people in this world make money off of other people's misery? The former is sick enough, but when you think of the very people who are supposed to help you being accomplices in something like this, it truly takes a dark turn.

It has been said, that for Capitalism to function, there must be misery and death. One side must get the other hooked on something to it's detriment, so that the economy is maintained. Be it cigarettes, junk food, or gasoline.

What is a person to do?

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