Sunday, May 18, 2008

Of Invasions and Typhoons...

With all the misery happening in China at this moment, it is very easy to overlook the Typhoon tragedy in Myanmar, and it's proportionally larger death toll. China has grabbed all the media attention simply because systems are in place and access is available to the news media. This is almost totally lacking in Myanmar, one of the poorest most destitute countries on Earth. As I write this, People (mostly children and the injured or infirm) are starving or dying in full knowledge of their government. They are simply willing to let these people die to maintain their control over the country. The death toll is not in the thousands, but is in the hundred thousands.

Now flashback several years ago at the start of the Iraq war. Why did we invade this place? I know, a multitude of reasons were given, only one of which has proven to be true (to get rid of a dictator). I venture to guess, the secondary death toll from this typhoon will get up there to the toll Mr. Hussein exacted on his public during his years in office, yet nothing is being done about it. If the "Free World" (led by the US) was truly committed to freedom and democracy for everyone, why isn't there an outcry to do the same thing for them we did for Iraq? You can't tell me Myanmar would stand up to the might of combined UN forces for very long. In my mind, all these arguments about bringing freedom and democracy to other countries means exactly squat right now. These are the poorest people in the world who CANNOT help themselves and truly need someone to help them, yet the world stands by and watches them die.

No oil in Myanmar, must not be worth the trouble. It's a damn shame on our country and the world.

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