Friday, May 23, 2008

The Myth of Conservative America

If I hear one more conservative politician say they stand for the American family I think I will just vomit.

Someone please explain to me how they stand for the family. I just don't see it. I can list how they do not, but other than a glossed over feel-good "Yay! America" and "Family Values" image they project, there is really nothing else. These folks are radicals who like to label everyone else a radical and not themselves. They have actually been running this country for the most part for nearly 30 years now. Let's see exactly how truly American these folks are...

1. Privatization - By this I mean privatization of EVERYTHING. That means basically very little government and free reign of whatever companies these government functions have been passed along to. In this system, everything has a price and all services are bought and paid for by the individual. Our government becomes a case of Corporate Externalization gone ape-shit. How will this affect the American family? What happens when there are no social programs for the poor or disaffected? What happens to those who cannot pay for the services provided by the businesses which have replaced the functions of government. Along these same lines, there are a core of Conservatives in our government who wish to relinquish all control to publicly owned entities, such as our National Forests, over to private interests. These skewed agenda's will basically leave nothing for the future Americans, placing all in the hands of private or corporate interests. We have already seen the results of this in the Water Riots in Chile which brought down their government. It seems the Chilean government sold the rights to ALL the water (even rain) to a large corporation from the US. They decided to charge everyone in Chile for the use of their water, initiating instant revolution by the poor Chilean population. It could happen here very easily and we would not even notice until it was already done. The American public has become quite numb to this type of thing.

How is this good for the American Family?

2. Health Care - The dire straits of the current Health Care system is quite apparent. It needs to be fixed. We have people too poor to pay for care, and normal working class people who have no health care who should. All Americans deserve decent health care. By the Gods, the CUBAN health care system is better than ours! Look how poor Cuba is. What does this say about our priorities? All the Conservative dogmatists can talk about is no socialized health care system. So having a system where people (who are too poor to pay for care now) support it by paying for care by privatized health care systems is better? Sounds like more of the same to me, just with greedy corporate claws dipped in the pot. Once again, these politicians are siding against the American people in my opinion. At least those wacky Liberals are actually trying to do something for the people in general (or at least they say they are, which seems to be better than the alternative). The prime example given by most Conservative politicians is the SCHIP program, and how it was just Socialized Health Care. If the government using my tax money to ensure poor children and kids from broken homes get care is socialism, then move me to the USSR.

Isn't that why we have a government? To take care of the people?

3. Environment - According to most die-hard conservatives, Global Warming is a myth. The entire scientific community disagrees, except for a few paid whores supported by corporate interests. It has actually become ingrained in the current rendition of the Death Cult religion most Americans are conditioned to follow that being for the Environment somehow places you in league with the Devil. What? One would think the great creator upstairs would want us to take care of this great creation we live upon? But no, it doesn't matter because he's coming back soon and it really doesn't matter if we take care of the world or not. It will be destroyed anyway. What the heck? People (most people it seems) actually believe this nonsense. Anyone espousing any interest in anything even remotely environmental is branded a "Radical" or a liberal and is maligned as being anti-American. I am not sure how protecting America and keeping it diverse and beautiful is un-American.

Someone please explain this to me, I don't get it.

I guess money is better than having a clean world. Imagine an old man sitting in the cess-pool holding a bucket of cash while his kids play with turds? That is our future. Can't eat turds either. They will eventually die if they do. It is unfortunate that turds will be all that is left.

The world we live in has been shaped by conservative "values" since Reagan became president. It is a world where 6% of the world's population holds 85% of the wealth. Wars are fought for trumped up reasons to expand corporate interests. The rights of the individual have dwindled to levels not seen even in a lot of Fascist states. Everything has a price and ethics mean nothing, only the "Bottom Line" counts. Our country spends $250 billion dollars a year to fight a war that was primarily sponsored for corporate profit, and idly stands by while billions die in the developing world due to the AIDS pandemic, or to things as simple as Malaria and Dysentery. The American lifestyle has become simply a lifestyle of consuming mass quantities of oil or cheap crap produced by our enemies, in the end making them stronger and selling us out. Is this what America is all about? Where is the shining light of Democracy and the paragon of American Virtues?

I am an American. I feel that our virtues and ethics should outshine the filth of rampant corporate capitalism. These "neo-cons" and other fellows are simply the face men for our real enemies, the uncontrolled growth of the consumer business world. They seek to keep themselves in the gravy train, and to keep the rest of us scared and ignorant, slaves to the business world they have sold their souls to.

We live in a Dystopia. It is a flawed world, somewhat like those found in books like "A Brave New World" and such. On the outside, it appears like it works OK and could potentially be a Utopia. However, if you look close enough, you will see we are a civilization that is plunging off a cliff. It is inherently flawed.

We will hit bottom someday. It is possible we already have and do not know it.

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