Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The World is Truly Going to End...

If you have not heard of her, Anna Loginova is dead. She is, or was, the hottest chick on the planet, and the epitomy of my tirade on the misguided feminists. She is the HOT russian supermodel, who was a trained bodyguard/ninja and provided bodyguard services to the Russian elite when not on the set. Damn! If that is not hot, I don't know what is! Sexy, Russian, Tough, Martial Arts Expert, HOT, and a Bad-ass! Sort of like the old TV show VIP, only not lame and with heaps of James Bond thrown in.

This woman should have given speeches to the people in my previous feminist article, maybe then they would get a clue. Alas, she was killed by a car-jacker when she fought it out while he was trying to escape from her. She clung to the car while he sped off, and she eventually got thrown off, striking her head on the road. She had just fought off another car-jack attempt the week before, when she got the drop on the guy with her gun.

Why don't we grow chicks like this in America?

The world is truly a darker place. This chick was a real life Bond girl

One more shot for good measure...

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