Monday, February 11, 2008

Standard Election Editorial No. 1

What a hard decision this election will be. On one hand, we have an untested African-American. On the other hand, we have the real brains of the Clinton Dynasty. And on the elephant's side, it is shaping up like a male clone of Billary. Can any of these political wonders really reverse the effects caused by eight years of the Manchurian Dipshit? Or the past 13 years of Repooplican controlled government (House and Senate/Congress). Are the Democraps really any different?

Some of the problems they face from 13 years of Repooplican control are the near total elimination of all manufacturing and industry in this country, and the rise of the "Burger Flipping" economy. The dire state our trade deficit is in, is bleeding us dry and selling us out. In the next decade, if things are not changed, our enemies will be major shareholders in our economy. They already are, but it will be worse. The politician's in their quest for less government interference, have allowed the business world to sell away the very things which made our country great. All of our manufacturing has now relocated overseas. All of our consumer goods now come from our enemies. And no one is able to reverse this on a large scale due to the "Wal-Mart effect", that is the government subsidization of cheap consumer goods to the point that no other businesses can compete. This has TOTALLY devastated entire small town economies, and put most local retailers out of business. It has become so bad, that you cannot purchase anything without going to the "Big Box". No one even bothers to compete anymore, and the public is stuck with rotten meat, and low quality chinese consumer crap. All of the money generated by this goes straight to our enemies across the big ol' Pacific. They have no need to fight us, since they are destroying us from the inside out, and the good old GOP led government, with it's "Good for Business, Good for the US" attitude let them do it.


Am I pissed off? YES.

These traitors have sold us all out to the point where it is nearly impossible to get a job that does not involve the flipping of a meat patty. There simply is nothing else around for most of the country. And what else there is, does not pay any different than flipping a patty. The last bastion of decent jobs in this country, the Government Civil Service, is a favorite target of these buffoons in their quest to "get rid of big government" and destroy Socialism. The writing is on the wall for these jobs, with the new NSPS system taking effect. The people who want to "get rid of big government" are the ones who think government should have no say in their traitorous and shady business dealings. They want it out of their way. They do this in the guise of reducing government spending by cutting government jobs. Our government is now at a point where it is nearly impossible to accomplish anything because the personnel shortages are so bad. What? Can't perform? Let's slash them even more! They are obviously lazy! It is a big scientifically engineered "Vicious Circle" designed to destroy our government, leaving the corporations holding the power. Don't even let me get started on the sad state of government programs to help the needy, such as the SCHIP Controversy involving uninsured children of the working poor (yet another selling out of America and our rights).


Traitors, yes, these folks ARE traitors. The GOP has been run by traitors for the last decade. They have sold us out, and even worse, they have sold out our children. The Demos are to blame too, for they did not have enough spine to stop them. The result of this is that our children now have a promising future in any one of the food service industries, nothing else is open to them unless they want to move to India, or China.

Now, who to vote for? Does it matter? Are any of them really so different from each other? We need someone who will get into office and place the rights and needs of the American People on the forefront, and not the rights and needs of the corporations as it currently stands. If a politician is not willing to do this, then they are not working for the US, and have allied with the enemy.

Who is the enemy? The enemy is us. The enemy is the ravenous, mindless, consumer world which we self perpetuate through our thoughtless actions. Change now. It can only begin on an individual level. Don't vote for anyone who seeks to perpetuate "The Matrix" in which we currently are stuck.

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