Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Fun with the Skunks!

Caught another one last night! This one was really big and PISSED OFF! The little bugger tried to bite me through the cage. I loaded it in the back of the truck and drove to work, planning on leaving him on the side of the road several miles from home. I am not sure what was in the air that day (other than skunk smell), but it seemed everything odd that could happen, happened. Including finding a twenty with a rolled up Crack rock in it where I happened to sit the trap down to release the captive skunk. I picked up the twenty thinking "Cool! Money!", and then thought, "Why is it rolled up?". I unrolled it and found the surprise. Ouch! I threw that hunk of crap so far away it was not funny. Then I Lysol-ed and de-crittered the money.

That was worse than finding a skunk in the trap for the third night in a row. To top it all off, my computer crashed while all of this was going on, and I came home to find a seriously FU' ed hard drive. Oh, and two distant relatives decided to pass away as well. At work, my employees were trying to strip some scuff marks off the floor, but ended up stripping the wax and everything all the way down. A five minute job turned into a 5 hour job.

Something was definitely amiss that day. My wife thought it was just Karma catching up with me until she realized it was happening to others as well.

Oh, it was also the 23rd, and Midsummer, of all things! Such is a day in my life.

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