Sunday, July 22, 2007

Adventures in Chicken Ranching

I live in the country, and live a fairly organic lifestyle. We raise a lot of our own food to avoid purchasing anything from China Mart. As such, we have a small flock of chickens. We have lately been having some issues with a small family of foxes who decided to move in next door. Shortly after this I lost my entire flock of Black Frizzle Bantams, my "Voodoo" chickens, to the fox. I was rather ticked and decided to do something about it. After getting permission from the Game Warden, I set a live trap in the yard, in hopes of catching these sly little gray chicken thieves. The first night, they stole the bait. Every night after this, I have caught nothing but skunks. I had no idea our yard was travelled by so many different skunks. It is apparently a Skunkapollooza in my yard after dark. Have you ever tried to set a pissed off skunk free from a live trap? It is not very easy. Needless to say, the house has smelled like skunk now for days. It is becoming quite obnoxious.

I suppose I could try other means, but it has become a game between me and the foxes.

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