Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Christian Persecution Complex

First let me say that I harbor no ill feelings for whatever a person feels is the right religious paradigm for them. But, why is it that many members the dominant religion in this country would like us to believe they are being persecuted? This country is CRAWLING with Christians. They totally dominate 95% of the American culture. I would like to know who these imaginary people are that are persecuting them? If anyone is persecuting them, maybe it is because of incompetence, corruption, and the betrayal of their own values that they are witnessing taking place. Being Born-Again and professing a love for Jesus has become a cover to commit atrocities, crimes, and fraud in their religion's name.

It's OK if we steal from him, he's not one of us and Jesus will forgive me.

Start a war - Great! They are Muslim's not Christian's, it's OK to kill them you know.

Run the little Atheist child out of school, that's just dandy!

The real people being persecuted are the Atheists, Jews, and all the other non-christian religions.

I firmly believe that if the "Big J" were around today, he would probably be considered a crazy neo-pagan for his attitude of unconditional acceptance and universal love, qualities which seem to have been missed by the majority of Christians. These qualities have DEFINITELY been passed over by the major Christian political and religious institutions. The "Big J" was, after-all, the equivalent of a pagan in the Judeo-Roman world he lived in. More people and cultures have been destroyed and more slaves have been taken in his name than for any other reason in history. And the meme that drives it continues to this day...

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