Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tyranny of Stupidity...

With the seating of a new Congress, all eyes are upon their plans for the future. Here are a few gems that show what we are in for. Here is my take on real bills currently up for consideration...

1. Georgia Bill Would Ban Drivers' Licenses - These evil things are apparently oppressive, or something like that.

2. Forcing Science Teachers to 'Question' Evolution - Since Driver's Licenses are government oppression, having the government force science teachers to question science must be freedom.

3. Let's Use Tax Dollars to Finance Anti-Government Militias! - Um, what can I say? Sounds like a GREAT use of tax dollars to me. Not like we could actually do something useful with the money.

4. Let's Pay China's Central Bank and Default on Grandma and Grandpa - This debt ceiling thing is just ugly, but in the end, this will certainly kill the US and leave us totally broke.

5. Bill Criminalizing Health-Care Reform - Because helping people should be illegal, and you should go to jail for trying it.

6. Slew of Birther Bills - Long form birth certficate now required - Oops! your state doesn't issue one - Sorry can't hold office.

7. Arizona's Let's Re-Litigate the Civil War Act - OK, didn't we resolve this in 1865? No matter how many times we talk about it people, your plantation lifestyle is not coming back - not even in the desert.

8. Two-Tiered Citizenship - Because America needs a designated underclass, or a caste sytem... or maybe both.

9. Health-Care Mandates Are Unconstitutional, So Let's Force Everyone to Buy Guns - Can't have everybody going around and helping each other, better to just shoot them and get it over with quickly. It also cheaper than providing health care.

10. The 'Don't Call Those Sluts Victims!' Act - Because rape is such an ugly word...we should just ignore it.

11. The 'Make Sure Doctors Don't Ask Patients Too Many Questions' Act - Freedom means we can't have doctor's asking personal questions to crazy people, like "do you have a gun"?

This article was paraphrased from this one at Alternet.

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