Monday, January 3, 2011

The Dark Jedi in American Politics...

The I do not support ther goals or plans in any way, I can respect them for their insidious understanding of the human psychology. Truly one of the greatest Psy-Ops ever conducted...

  1. A group of billionaires organized by Koch Industries came together and designed the initiative.
  2. Spokespeople were planted in the mainstream media to suggest that it was time for a revolution reminiscent of the founding days of our country.
  3. A massive media platform, including Fox News and conservative radio, spread the meme to every corner of the country.
  4. Seed funding was provided to organize the first rallies, all the while painting it as a "grassroots movement."
  5. Narratives that had been planted by conservative think tanks throughout the last forty years were evoked as "traditional values."
  6. Real concerns by people suffering under corporate corruption were tapped to evoke strong anger and fear.
  7. People came out in droves to support Tea Party candidates who were actually in cahoots with their corporate benefactors.
I congratulate them for lofting the understanding of our mind far into the realm that was once considered magick - However, I fear it is a bridge that once crossed, Humanity can never return again.

Outline from Truth-Out.

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