Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quantum Experiments Appear to Disprove Objective Reality

The mysterious world of Quantum Physics has gotten even more mysterious. A series of experiments, called the EPR Experiments, have been underway to test the boundaries of our percieved reality. Specifically, an item called "Bell's Theorem", which deals with the underlying "connectedness" of of all particles of matter in our universe.

If Isaac Newton and Einstein were correct, particles of matter should not be able to influence each other without being in contact, however the observed results of these experiments has shown this not to be the case. Time and time again the experiments have the same result; each experiment being consecutively larger and taking on a significantly bigger chunk of our reality. What this means is that there is either some unusual and mysterious force acting across Space/Time, forcing the experiments to have the same result, or our concepts objective of reality are totally wrong. Maybe they have found the "Quantum Waveform" on which it is theorized everything rides?

Here is a link to a scientific paper on this subject.

And another just released about the latest experiment.

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