Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Does Evolution Have in Store for us?

Scientists the world over say we have reached the tipping point in climate change. This means that the climate has reached a self-generating feedback cycle, and change cannot be stopped. It is doubtful that the affects can be lessened by mankind either. We are locked in the rollercoaster and it is about to take-off. However, there are other things afoot for humanity too. Things less well known.

As the climate changes, so does man's technology. We are quickly reaching a point in bio-engineering where we can create and change things on a DNA level., and will soon be able to literally grow custom designed organic parts and life forms. As our bio engineering advances, so to does our knowledge of computers and artficial intelligence. Recent advances in light manipulation have opened the door to Quantum Computing, a technology that was unheard of 20 years ago.

Inevitably, these technologies will mesh. When this occurs, what is to become of simple humanity? Is this our fate, to redesign ourselves to stay a step ahead of our changing climate and worsening conditions on Earth?