Friday, February 5, 2010

The Enigma of the Cygnus Bubble

In the constellation Cygnus, a recently discovered anomaly has shed new light on an old scientific controversey. This eerie bubble like nebula has ignited speculation about the possibility of discovering "Dyson" spheres, constructed by alien civilizations. A Dyson Sphere is a construct made to encase a planet, solar system, or region of space inside a sphere-like structure. There are many reasons to construct a body such as this, but most have to do with harnessing solar energy. The idea for these spheres was first formulated by physicist Freeman Dyson, who they are named after. The sphere itself could be constructed from nearly anything, from pulverised asteroids, to dust, to molecular plasma energy depending upon its purpose.

This odd looking nebula, was discovered about two years ago by an amateur astronomer. It is so new, it does not even have a name yet. The strikingly odd thing about it, is that it is in a region of space that is well known by professional astronomers, and is large enough it should have been detected in past surveys. No one really has an explanation for what it is, though it looks vaguely like a "planetary" nebula. However, it also shows traits not related to this type of nebula, making it a bit of an enigma to science.

Sixteen candidate objects for consideration as alien Dyson Spheres are currently known. This object is one of them.

Here is another article on The Daily Galaxy...


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