Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Was the Grand Canyon Made by Electricity?

Since I have a fairly curious nature, my interest has been drawn to a series of articles regarding the possibility that everything we currently understand about the Universe is fundamentally flawed. Part of this is the controversial notion that everything in the Universe is primarily an electrical manifestation, including the stars and the planets. This is known as the Plasma Universe hypothesis.

To a person well versed in the ancient mysteries, it is no surprise. Many mystery traditions teach that us that at our core level of being, we and the world around us, are basically manifestations of energy. That modern science is making observations which seem to validate the teachings is disturbing to some, especially scientists, who deep down do not like to see their views of the world change, regardless of what the observations show them. I find it entertaining, and yet sad in a way. For every step we take to lose ourselves of the ignorance of the dark ages, we seem to take two steps back and cling to our past assumptions as a blind faith.

If science has shown us anything, it is that our world is a dynamic entity. It is ever-changing and forms no real plan. Anything is possible; wait two minutes and what you thought was correct will soon be proven wrong.

Case in point; The Grand Canyon. How did it form. It seems to be a case of simple erosion. If this is true, where did the material go? There should be an equally large river delta down river of this thing. Not only that, but geologically speaking, the river is younger than the plateau it flows through. In order for it to erode the plateau the canyon is cut from, the river would have had to flow uphill. It seems to point to the fact that the canyon came first, and then the river showed up afterward. This very argument was posed in a symposium in June of 2000.

One of the proposed methods by which the Grand Canyon was created will be familiar to anyone who understands the Electric Universe hypothesis. It has been proposed that the Grand Canyon, and several other mega structures, both on the Earth and elsewhere, were made by electrical arcing. It is not such a crazy idea when you compare it with other anomalous structures, like Valles Marineris on Mars, that seem to have been made in a similar fashion. The structures themselves seem to resemble the pitting and gouging caused by an arc welder on the surface of a piece of flat metal. Mars is literally covered with anomalies like this, and so is the Moon. What if Earth has other structures like this, and we just can't see them due to erosion?

What is truly unknown is how or why electrical arcing of this magnitude would take place, though it seems to fit in with the Plasma Universe hypothesis. The scary thought is what if it happens again?

There are many areas on Earth where it seems geology was shaped on a vast scale by anomalous cataclysms. There are many things in this solar system we are just learning to understand. However, in order to truly understand, we may be forced to abandon some things held dear concerning our perception of reality. Science is all about perception, is it not?

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