Saturday, October 10, 2009

Robots Evolving Much Faster than Predicted...

Robots and Robot Tech is starting to evolve at a rate that parallels the evolution of biological intelligence.

During the Cambrian explosion, when biological life really started to get going, nervous systems would double in size every 15 million years. Not to be outdone, artificial intelligence is now doubling in complexity every few years. Robot and artificial intelligence is now at a level near the range of lower vertebrates. They are expected to be at a level equal to human complexity within 50 years.

Hans Moravec, robot pioneer and founder of Carnegie Mellon' Robotic Institute says development is proceeding at an unheard of pace. He fully expects that by mid-century, no task mental or physical will be beyond the ability of a robot to perform. He also expects robots and artificial life to develop basic mental cognition very soon. This development is taking place so fast, no plans are in place for possible repercussions.

What will we do when the robots we make decide they are better than us?

Another question being posed is what will become of humanity in the face of this type of technology? Will humanity be able to "escape" from it's biological body and become a sort of advanced robot, with enhanced lifespan and abilities?

Here is a link to a larger and better written article on this subject...

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