Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Branding of a President...

I saw something the other day that got my brain juices flowing. It was a light-hearted news story about how President Obama is using different logos and items to brand himself with the American public. Very interesting, it was. It also got me thinking about the way his organization is setting up house. Mr. Obama, it seems, has people working for him the truly understand how the human psychology operates. It seems the Republicans have been completely outclassed in more ways than just the political arena, and may never catch up. The older generation from which they spring just do not function on this level.

What I am speaking of, is the spinning of the human mind. The unleashing upon the American public of carefully crafted memes, and the careful molding of attitudes by such things as colors, body language, and logos. It has reached so far into the mind of the public that even the children are now being affected. The other party may never catch up. This particular type of reality manipulation is a hallmark of the younger generations, and co-incides with the rise of the Internet; the ultimate psychological tool. Any modern black magician would be proud...

How do they do it? Easy. You carefully craft your intention and attach it to something (like a logo or a word), that appeals to the basic desires of your average human. Every time this image or object is then displayed, it goes straight into our collective unconsciousness. What then does our subconcious mind try to do? Guess what - it tries to make what it is told real. In order for this to work, it must be simple and direct. It must also appeal to a common want or need. Just look at the election "Change" logo for an example. Or in the way he presents himself to the public. He is actually so saavy in this respect, that he is making himself into a brand logo. His intent has been implanted so deeply, that in 12 months time, his face is what pops into most people's head when the word Change is mentioned. Very impressive, I must say. I only wish my own grasp of memetics and group dynamics was as thorough.

At this point, the Republicans can only look at him from the point of view as outsiders. Much of the dynamics this sort of thing is based upon goes against their very nature and beliefs. The question I really want answered is, did he understand all this before he ran or was it crafted in the background, silently awaiting a pretty face, for years in advance.

Very interesting. I am curious to see how the next 8 years go. I have a feeling I know what is going to happen, and I am not telling.

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