Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Modern Sorceries...

Let me begin this little dissertation on this topic; Magic (or Magick as it is more properly termed by Crowley, to distinguish it from the "pulling a rabbit out of the hat" style). What do we know of it? Is it even relevant in today's world? What is it really?

It has been defined as the Art and Science of Causing Change in Conformity with One's Will. This can mean many things, and is truly up to the individual interpreting this statement. Willpower affects everything we do. It is the basis of all actions, so in affect, all is "magic".

Now what of the modern world? What of great advances in human kind like The Internet, Psychology, Chemistry, and Quantum Physics? Are these not Magick? To put this into perspective, the Internet for example, is probably the single greatest advance in human consciousness since we evolved from cave men. It's potential is just now being realized. What we have done, in a sense, is create a very large "hive mind" that we can plug-in and utilize. It is Distributed Processing using the human mind on a vast scale. Once we truly harness this, it can totally change our world. Look at the results of the Obama/McCAin election for proof. This election was won by those who understood the basic psychology of the mind, and the use of Meme's to shape public opinion. Once they were unleashed, they spread like wildfire.

This is the real magic. The Advertising world knows it. Hollywood Knows it. The Government knows it. The Corporations know it. The people are kept in the dark.

Yes, you can sit around in your drumming circles and chant, or dance naked around a tree like you think they did 1300 years ago, but the real magic and power is understanding the subtle mysteries of the modern world and it's unique psychology. The God's are real, and they are us. Religion becomes an exercise in mental wanking at this realization.

This is the essence of Modern Magick. We must learn to harness it.

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