Friday, September 12, 2008

Is there a sequel?

I think this sums up many of our feelings now after having seen the Charlie Gibson ABC News interview...

Honestly, what crackhead picked her?

After thirty years of Conservative dominated politics, this is all they could muster? She is to defend the faith of exporting jobs to our competitors, giving tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy, serving corporate interests above the citizenry, and tossing out our rights as Americans. She can't even get through a polite talk with "Easy Charlie", the Ellen of the News world. The Republicans are truly going to be remembered as "The Party that Wrecked America". Maybe not now, but definitely twenty years from now when we all speak Chinese.

Biden is going to stick his big man sausage in her during the debates. It should be almost as much fun to watch as the Gibson interview. I say almost, because part of me feels truly bad for her.

She will make a fine addition to Beelzebub's Harem when this fiasco is over in November.

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