Friday, January 4, 2008

The Downfall of Feminism?

I was watching the tube the other night and happened to catch the new episode of "Wife Swap", you know the really trite show where they take to polar opposite families and switch out the mom. Sort of like a modern version of feeding the Christians to the lions.

Anyway, for what it is worth, they took a family with a beauty pageant queen daughter, and a devout religious feminist (?) and placed them together. In one corner, looks mean everything and you must above all carry on the sparkle so everyone will like you and you can get more. In the other corner, looks mean nothing, and all that counts is work and study to better yourself in a man's world. The Beauty Queen was absolutely stunning but also spoiled rotten, and I have no doubt she could get whatever she wants from anyone. The Ultra-Feminists were, well they were ultra-feminist. All fat and hairy and totally unattractive in a frumpy sort of way, not that they could not like nice, they just didn't on purpose(why?).

Here is the gyst of my story. I am normally not very partial to spoiled, conformist, beauty queens or their enablers, but I found myself sympathetic to their side in this issue. Why would I choose these banal beauty addicts over something that is dear to the hearts of many of my sisters in the non-conformist world that I normally swim in? It is this simple fact: Power. As trite as the beauty queen's family was, they understood the basic concepts of power. Not electrical power mind you, but the power to get what you want in your world using every advantage you have got. The feminists (and to a large part the whole feminist movement) did not understand this. They were emasculating themselves to become outsider's in a man's world by denying the very power of the female. The female of our species has the ultimate power and control available in that she is considered a thing of beauty, and a sex object in many cases. It is VERY desirable to have a beautiful woman around, at least for men. I wager this, a stunningly beautiful woman, possessing a feminist wit and high intelligence is a truly powerful person. Much more so than any man can ever achieve. They can literally have ANYTHING if the cards are played right. Mind you, I do not see this as a bad thing. I wish I could do the same.

It is the basic right of a person to develop themselves as far as they can for their own happiness until ethics become an issue (eg. someone gets hurt). We need more empowered, and attractive women, same goes for men too. Anyone can look good, and they should. To actively look frumpy because you don't want to look like a stereotype is ludicrous and plays into the system designed to keep you down. If people do not try to look look attractive in some way, they are cutting off a whole chunk of their personal power. The ancients understood this. Sex is power. That is why many of the priestesses were also prostitutes way back in the Mesopotamia days.

Yes, men have built themselves into positions of corporate power, but really look at what happens to these fellows. They make a lot of money, but they sell out their ideals in the process. Their identity becomes the job, and they end up with nothing else to offer the world. They wind up slaves to their company and their position unless they are on the very top, and their families pay the price. Is it really success?

For the feminists to use the typical view of success as taught to most men is to aim at the wrong target. These guys are not real men. They are corporate zombies. A real man values his family enough that he would never sacrifice them for endless hours traveling and working to make more money, as normally happens. Success is not an all or nothing affair, it is measured in metered doses. Sounds to me like maybe many people drawn to these misguided feminist ideals are in reality hiding or lashing out against their own perceived inadequacies. They are, in a sense, selling out to their own ideals by limiting themselves. The bottom line in this people, is that we only go around once, and there really are no rules and basically anything goes. The only limiting factor is the consequences of our actions and who gets hurt. So why hurt yourself?

Ugliness is limitation if you force it upon yourself.

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