Saturday, December 1, 2007

Many Worlds...

It is said that any possibility that can exist, does exist. At least that is one interpretation anyway...

We know this as fact. The world we live in is based on differing branches of time and dimension. It starts out in One Dimension as a point. It then slides to Two Dimensions as a plane. This plane can be folded on itself and make a Third Dimension. The Third Dimension sits in space and Occupies time, creating a Fourth Dimension. The different branches of time entail the Fifth Dimension and so on all the way to the Tenth where you find yourself back to a point and the basis of String Theory starts to rear it's head. We actually exist in the Fourth Dimension, since we can see all 3 of the lower dimensions, plus we exist in the duration of time as it makes itself known in a linear fashion. The Fifth Dimension is mostly unknown, as humans normally cannot see the branches of the alternate time lines created by our choices in world we live in. The addition of time means that the world we live in is basically a string, or chain of consecutive realities or instances, all influencing the next in the chain. The world is never static. If it were, it would be the third dimension, where there is no concept of time.

Right about know you are probably wondering what this freak is babbling on about, and when is he going to stop. The point I am getting at is to talk a bit about a current interpretation of Quantum Physics which has been gaining ground recently, and has almost become universally accept among many Quantum Theorists. This is the "Many Worlds" Interpretation. Basically it states that any possibility that can exist, does exist. Whatever possibility that results from a seemingly causal action "pops" into being as a result of the action's influence. In layman's terms, this interpretation is saying that many different worlds exist at the same instance, at the same point. Each has contains a different version of the current reality. For example, little Johnny is sitting in his current reality eating an Ice Cream Cone. Or is he? There are multiple copies of little Johhny, one has green ice cream cone, another a blue one. Yet another Johnny has an ice cream sundae instead of a cone, and so on, and so on. All are influenced by the actions of the previous reality, calling that particular instance into our world. Each has their own time-line, with their resulting branches of choices (leading to the next dimension, #5). Time is the glue which holds all of it together, and leads to the other worlds and the choices/options/results found within them by the creation of diverging time-lines.

As outlandish as all of this is, it remains accepted by even the most conservative of many researchers in the realm of Physics. A lot of this has been directly observed in modern Particle Physics research. This interpretation is much more widely accepted in many circles because it explains why Newtonian Physics plays a role and appears to create cause and effect in our world. It seems the role Newtonian Physics plays is largely an illusion created by these strings of reality and time.

Quantum Physics is truly a Black science. The implications of this and religious thought would be profound. For example, how many souls would little Johnny have? Does each Johnny have a soul? What of the world where little Johnny does something terrible, or commits an unforgivable sin with his ice cream cone?

This interpretation could, however, go a long way in explaining many seemingly unexplainable occurrences and anomalies in our world, such as ESP, bi-locationality, mysterious appearances, and so forth.

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