Sunday, June 24, 2007

The True Origins of Christianity (and ALL religion)

Have you ever wondered where religious thought came from, and why it seems so many seem to have the same stories and legends, only re-told in a different manner? It is because underneath all, there is a common thread. The Gnostics call it the Universal Human Religion.

What is it and where did it come from? Simple, many thousands of years ago, our cro-magnon and early human ancestors started forming the basis of civilization. They were aware of what went on around them in nature, and were astute observers. They saw the Sun and the Moon and the cycles of life that followed the seasons. The Sun was considered the symbol or source of life. It was seen as giving us its life energy through it's light and heat. The Sun was God. The Moon was Goddess. These were later broken down into the many various Pagan gods representing the forces of life, with the Sun eventually winding up as the "Son" of God (God being the Life Force that powers the Sun). Is it a coincidence that he has risen and given us our salvation from the dark? Why is it that the birth of Jesus falls on the Winter solstice, the birth of the sun from its winter slumber? There are many other gods who share the same birthday, such as Jesus's predecessor, the Roman Mithras. My friend, there are no coincidences in this world. These seasonal changes / holidays are not simple random matters.

It is a shame, that the Goddess aspect was largely relegated to a subservient role (Virgin Mary), or totally eliminated altogether. It has been theorized that the rise of human consciousness and warrior civilization pushed the female out of the picture. This, however, was not the case amongst the American Indians. They were some of the greatest warrior societies in history. Most, if not all of the Indian cultures were female dominated with the male's primary powers limited to warfare and hunting. The modern world would do well to learn from them.

A common thread amongst Christians is the struggle of Light (good) against Dark (evil). When the sun sets (Set, Satan) it is dark. When the sun is rising on the Horizon (Horus - Egyptian face of Jesus), we have salvation. It seems that Christianity is really deep in its core, a pagan solar religion, and most Christians do not realize this. All of Earth's religions have formed from the interplay of the sun, moon, darkness, and the passage of seasons. They are all faces of the same Universal Human Religion. They are based upon mankind's observation of these natural forces at work.

Esoteric knowledge of this has been passed down through hidden meanings (occult), but normally only the initiated learned of this. Most modern religious adherents are simply nothing more than slaves, taught to accept one governing faith, and to stay conditioned into their role as a "productive" member of their society. This breeds more slaves and supports the society built around the faith with its parallel political views. Politics is nothing more than a faithless form of religion on a national level. One must realize this Universality of things in order to truly see through the veneer that covers our modern world.

The modern Christian religion can be directly traced from its roots in the ancient Sumerian world (Enlil -Jehovah), to the Egyptians (Horus - Jesus), to Judaism (Yahveh), to Roman beliefs (Apollo / Mithras) to the modern Christianity. If you do not think so, look it up. It is all out there on the web in black and white. If you want a more traditional way, go to the library, it will still say the same things. Even the Sumerian account of Creation is nearly identical to Genesis. And the 10 Commandments of Moses, seem an awful lot like the much older 42 Commandments of Maat. This is no coincidence. In the end, it appears, they are all "chips off the same block". All are simply faces and forms of the same universal archetypes, who have been given life through centuries of believers.

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